I'm Out of Gas

The day we moved to our new apartment, first week of May 2008, was the day we got our first tank of LPG. We thought by the third month we'll be able to replace it already... but it's still not empty. Four months... five months... six months... We stopped counting the days. Until two days ago...

Two days ago, I was cooking some pork steak for dinner. If you know beef steak Tagalog, then just change the beef to pork, that's pork steak. :)

My ingredients are all ready for cooking. I've already marinated the pork in calamansi & soy sauce. So I started cooking the meat. I've semi-cooked one side of the meat already, so I'm just waiting for the other side to cook so I can put the sliced onion. A few minutes later when I checked my cooking, the sauce is not boiling... there was no heat! I checked the stove... no flame! Just when I was in the middle of my cooking! I called up the LPG supplier and they told me that they can't deliver that night and the earliest is the next morning. Waaa! How about my pork steak! :(

What did I do? I cooked our dinner in the microwave. Good thing we replaced our old and dilapidated microwave. Our new microwave has this Slow Cooking feature. So I just read the instructions on how to use the slow-cooking feature, placed my pork and the onion in a microwave-safe bowl, and slow-cooked it for 30 minutes (supposed to be more than an hour, but I changed it to 30 minutes since the meat's almost cooked anyway).

After 30 minutes... voila! Pork steak! hihihi :)


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