I was in the Philippines last week to attend to some family matters. During that short period that I was in Manila my sister, my mom and I went to 2 Korean restaurants. They serve (actually more on we requested) cold tea for the drinks.

The tea they served is roasted barley tea. It's called mugicha in Japanese, damai-cha in Chinese and boricha in Korean (for this blog post I'll call it mugicha as it's more popularly known). It is caffeine-free and is said to have a lot of health benefits - Japanese believe that mugicha helps to cleanse the body.

After going back to Singapore, I craved for mugicha. I went to the grocery store and searched for mugicha. And there they were... bags and bags of them, packed in little tea bags!

I bought a pack then went to the department store and bought a pitcher that can handle hot/boiling water. I went home and made my pitcher of cold mugicha. I've been drinking it everyday for a week now and I just can't stop! I think I can finish half a pitcher in less than an hour (FYI, it's a 1.8L pitcher).

They say that it can help cool down the body when you drink cold mugicha. I can't directly say that it cools down the body, but all I know is it's a refreshing drink and I love drinking it. :)


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