I Need a Pressure Cooker

A few hours ago, I was cooking pork sinigang for dinner. When I cook pork sinigang, as my mother taught me, I will usually boil the meat for at least 30 minutes (and can reach up to an hour, depending on the meat) to soften the meat. When the meat has soften a bit, that's when I add the sliced tomatoes and onion and leave it to boil some more. After everything has cooked, I'll add the sinigang mix & other vegetables and cook some more! :D

The stove in our apartment is an electric induction cooker, and I realized then that our electricity bill will surely be higher than expected everytime I cook meat! So now, I'm thinking of buying a presssure cooker. I am now searching for a few pressure cookers online. But the thing is... I don't know how to use one. I'm scared that in the middle of my cooking, it might explode or something! hihihi!

So for now.... it's still a thought. 75% possibility :D


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