I Enrolled in a Cooking Class!

I want to learn more about cooking and baking. I've been looking for a culinary/cooking/baking school that offers simple classes, and not those months/years of studying. So I enrolled for a 1-day class. And guess what class I enrolled to... Ultimate Chocolate Treats!!!

The class I enrolled to is in Shermay's Cooking School! :) While looking for culinary schools here in Singapore, I came across Shermay's Cooking School. Since then I've been interested to enroll in one of their classes.

Shermay's Cooking School is a dainty little cooking school here in Singapore. A lot of award-winning chefs, celebrity chefs and cookbook authors conduct cooking classes there. They also have a retail shop, selling various kinds of cooking and baking supplies that are most of the time not available in malls and groceries.

The demo class class will be taught by their guest chef Joycelyn Shu. Joycelyn also has a blog, KUIDAORE, which I also visit often. :)

From what I read about this class (as mentioned also in Joycelyn's blog), Ultimate Chocolate Treats I is just the first of a series of classes. I'd definitely enroll to the next one as well.... Chocolate overload!!! hihihi!

The class is still a month away, on 14 March. All I can say is... I am so excited! :)


Sheila February 24, 2009 at 12:54 PM  

Hi Sis!

Gusto ko din mag enroll sa cooking school dito sa SG... lagi din ako nag check sa shermay's cooking school at sa raffles. :) Yung iba kse ang haba ng course at ang mahal!

Sana maging classmate tayo. :)

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