The Japan Food Trip

Hubby and I went to Japan during the long holiday (Chinese New Year). On top of our agenda - to eat authentic Japanese food! I was even able to convince hubby to eat rice for dinner so we can eat yummy food (he doesn't eat rice for dinner).

Some of the food we've tried (in no specific order):

  1. Gyudon (Yoshinoya & Matsuya)
  2. Japanese Curry
  3. Kaiten Sushi (sushi served in a conveyor belt)
  4. Katsudon
  5. Tempura
  6. Okonomiyaki - we had this in Kyoto and that's the only item in that restaurant's menu
  7. Takoyaki
  8. Ramen
  9. Japanese Crepe
  10. Onigiri
  11. Yatsuhashi - from Kyoto
  12. Dango
  13. Taiyaki
  14. various drinks from vending machines (I think that's included hihihi) 
Just listing them down is making me hungry...will try to post more details/pics when I'm no longer busy. :D


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