Lemon Cakes

I love having guests around or going to our friends' house so I can bake something. On a normal day, there will only be two of us at home - me and hubby. An 8-inch cake will take us one week to finish, and there's a big chance that half of it will just be thrown out. I can make muffins that's 10-12 pieces a batch, and we'd still end up throwing 1 or more. So, if I'm sure that there will only be the two of us eating whatever I'll be baking, I try not to bake at all. Finally, some of our friends decided to drop by our place during the weekend... my chance to bake something again!

For a change, I decided to make something without chocolate. Something completely opposite of chocolate... something with lemon. So there goes my search for a lemon-something recipe - lemon cookies, breads, cakes, etc.

I found one by Ina Garten, it's a Lemon Yogurt Cake. But... I'd rather not do that. Hubby already hates the thought that I'm not baking something chocolate. Baking something with lemon is already bad, baking it with yogurt (which he hates a lot) will just make it worst. Good thing I found a Lemon Cake recipe by Ina Garten. :)

Friday evening I went to the supermarket and bought my ingredients - buttermilk and lots of lemon. When I got home, I prepared my ingredients so that I'll just mix and bake on Saturday morning (our friends will be arriving after lunch).

Saturday morning, I started "harvesting" my lemon zest, then squeezing the lemons for my lemon juice. Once I'm done with the lemon, I pre-heated my oven and did the cake.

The output: oh my gosh! I never expected it to taste so yummy and moist! The lemon syrup really made it more moist and soft and lemoney. The lemon glaze was also hmm-mmm-good! Just the right amount of sweetness. The sweet and sour was in sync!

I used a tube pan for this. And since I only have one small tube pan, I used my cupcake pan for the others.

If you love lemon cake, you have to try making this Lemon Cake. If you're not a fan of citrus cakes/sweets (like me & hubby), try it! Recipe can be found at FoodNetwork.com.


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