Nutella Cookies

 have to post this now before I completely forget about it hihihi!

I baked some Nutella cookies a few days before Christmas. I got a bit tired of baking all those chocolate crinkles we gave out for Christmas, plus I got some orders from a friend (happy!). So I decided to bake something new... something I haven't tried before.

I've been wanting to bake something with Nutella since I got my oven. I have a jar half-empty that's starting to harden and needs to be used immediately. I finally saw a recipe from My Kitchen Addiction (original recipe from Taste of Home Recipes). The cookies are called Caramel Nutella Crisps, which the author shared as part of the 12 Days of Sharing.

The author got the recipe from Taste of Home Recipes. It's originally a peanut butter cookie recipe, and not made of Nutella at all. But I read from another blog (I seriously can't find the link... I'm so sorry) that since peanut butter has the same consistency as Nutella, you can substitute one with the other.

I made a few changes - I did not roll the cookie doughs in sugar and I didn't put Milk Duds inside. In other words, it's plain Nutella cookies.

I got two ice cream/cookie scoops at home. One is the normal ice cream scoop size, and the other is a smaller cookie scoop. I used the big cookie scoop first, and realized that the cookies will flatten and spread out while baking. It ended up so big it was four times bigger than the size of a chocolate crinkles.

So I used the smaller scoop for the succeeding cookies. I didn't bake it as long as I should (just 8-10 minutes), so I can still have the cookies soft and chewy.

 The first bite... didn't end on the first bite. Even when they were still a bit warm, I think I had two to three cookies in one sitting.

If you love Nutella, you'll love this recipe. Next time I'll try rolling it in sugar, or maybe adding some chocolate chips hihi!


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