Since we got back from Japan, that was two months ago, our cravings for Japanese food are not the same. We took a break from eating Japanese food for a while, I think we didn't have any for three or so weeks since our vacation. After that, the cravings began.

We've tried real/authentic food from Japan and now we now know the taste, texture, smell of the real ones. We went to our usual sushi fastfood/restaurant here and... we saw the difference. In Japan, there were less rice and more of the meat (fish, prawn, etc). Here, there was more rice and just a small portion of the meat.

Other than sushi, we've also looked around for delicious ramen. I think we've already tried three to four and they're all delicious, but we're still on the search for that yummy ramen. We've heard of one ramen restaurant at Meritus Mandarin Hotel along Orchard Road, but everytime we go there, the line is like a mile long! That's a good sign, though, because that means their ramen must be delicious. :)


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