Puto - The Second Attempt

Since I'm not so happy with the puto I made the first time (link: My First Try with Puto), I decided to make some again.

Sorry... I cheated. hihihihi!
In fairness they were yummy! Perfect texture too.

Seriously, I really tried making puto again from scratch. Here's my second attempt in making puto:

This time it contains coconut milk.

Before steaming & without the cheese

After steaming them, I can already smell the coconut milk flavor.
The texture: soft yet firm. The taste: creamy rich flavor (because of the coconut milk).

I brought some to our friends' house and they liked it.

I got the recipe from Oggi's blog I Can Do That! (thanks Oggi for sharing the recipe).

Some changes I made:

  • I added a slice of cheese on top before steaming because I looove puto with cheese!
  • I used cupcake paper cups. Unfortunately my individual molds are too small for the paper cups I have, that's why the puto I made did not fill the paper cups completely.
Next time I'll try the pandan & ube flavor. :)


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