Back From Vacation... Again!

I'm back from my vacation... again! :) This time vacation's really over. My next vacation is not so soon... maybe middle of next year. I did some baking during my vacation. I made some chocolate chip cookies, red velvet cupcakes and carrot cupcakes. I even searched for some more recipes online at Food Network, but was not able to do them anymore. I got some pictures of the red velvet cupcakes I made... I'll upload them once my sister sends me the pictures.

Hubby and I arrived in Singapore yesterday after lunch. I'm really surprised that he was able to keep the house clean. Good thing he's also a bit OC like me hihihi! Although the house needs a little more cleaning 'round the corners and a little sweep here and there. Other than that, everything's fine. The dinnerware are still neatly stacked in the cabinet and the silver flatware are all in the drawer.

Now that I'm back, I started cleaning the house this morning and did the laundry. Still thinking if I'll iron some clothes today. Later I will be cooking chicken adobo... that is if hubby and I won't go out to watch a movie tonight.

There will be changes in my blogs soon. One of these changes is I've removed Entrecard from my blogs. Visit my other blog Journal of Thoughts for more info on this.


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